12 years ago the founder of Better Music in TN, Dr. Bobby Spivey, PhD, was a businessman in Nashville who moonlighted as a songwriter on music row.  Having a few successes as a songwriter allowed Bobby to create friendships and music relationships with many singers, songwriters and musicians from around the world.  Many of these artists had risked everything to move to Nashville seeking a publishing and/or label deal.   As time went on, most of Bobby’s friends, even though extremely talented, failed to obtain the all so elusive “Deal”.  Being an entrepreneur and successful businessman, Bobby found this phenomenon to be unacceptable. Plus he was tired of seeing all his friends hard work go for naught.  He began to research and study the successes and failures of artist.

Having a PhD in econometrics (statistical study of economic and business data), it was no time before Bobby came to the main crux of the issue.  He was able to create a business formula for artist to utilize.  But he needed a team of professionals to make it all work.  Since the digital world was engulfing the music industry, he turned to a successful and respected computer professional to develop a complete digital marketing plan. James Sine brings his years of successful integration of digital media into marketing plans that span the globe to develop successful plans for each individual artist.

The next key to success for BMItn, was to build a studio in which quality radio ready songs could be recorded, mixed and mastered.  Bobby turned to gold album winner  Pat Holt Music to help out.  PHM, produced  many hit albums including Johnny Cash, Carter Family, Dr. Hook,,to only mention a few, joined forces with BMItn to produce many hit records.   By having in house production, allows BMItn to reduce the cost significantly. 

After the production and distribution was set, all BMItn needed were hit songs written by hit songwriters.  BMItn, coupled with grammy winning Ash Street Music to provide the necessary songs.  As Ash Street states, it all starts with the song. 

BMItn has enjoyed many successes and helped many artists, bands & songwriters who have come to Nashville fulfill their dreams. 

But what about the artist who never reach Nashville?    

BMItn, created a subdivision to handle strictly the development of non-Nashville singers.  Better Music Records (BMR)  was born as a company devoted to the development and promotion of independent singers.  BMR is staffed with image consultants, vocal instructors, tracking engineers, business managers and all the resources of BMItn.   The theme of BMR is, “No Singer Left Behind”.  We want to make sure that an artist doesn’t fall through the cracks due to lack of knowledge, planning or accessibility to music industry professionals.

Currently BMR is expanding its reach to these non-Nashville based singers through it’s A&R/ Talent scout franchise  programs, We hope to find and help those hidden talents that do not have the opportunity or resources to pack up and move to Music City.  We hope to allow them to “Be Part of Music Row” from their own home towns.